School Departments

Wellstar Bright Secondary School prioritizes academic excellence by placing Heads of Departments in charge of supervising and ensuring the quality delivery of all subjects taught at both O-Level and A-Level. Rigorous measures are implemented at the departmental level to monitor and evaluate the teaching and learning process for each subject across classes. This meticulous oversight, supported by experienced Heads of Departments, empowers our dedicated teachers to create engaging and effective learning experiences. Through these robust mechanisms, Wellstar Bright Secondary School  maintains its commitment to providing a stimulating academic environment that prepares students for future challenges while upholding the highest standards of education.

The school has various departments that run the administration of daily activities within the school. They include:

(a) Director of Studies
  • Mr. Member one
  • Ms. Member one
  • Mr. Member one
(b) Heads of Departments:
  1. English, Literature in English, GP – Ms. Member one
  2. CRE, History – Mr. Member one
  3. Languages – Mr. Member one
  4. Entrepreneurship/Economics – Member one
  5. Geography/ART – Mr. Member one
  6. Biology/Chemistry – Member one
  7. Foods & Nutrition/Agriculture – Member one
  8. Physics/Mathematics/ICT – Member one


We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in life. We help them succeed in life by helping them discover passions and dare them to pursue them.

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